Let’s build something great

Interior design

We help interior designers and architects to make the best use of locally available wood species. Our in-house workshop is specialised in creating custom-made solutions for offices, commercial interiors, cultural venues, HoReCa and real estate developments. Have a look at our projects and start co-designing with us.

Local hardwood parquet

The Sonian Forest is a unique cultural and natural heritage. The wood produced by this forest is the fruit of centuries of hard work. The amazing intrinsic qualities of local beech wood include beautiful color variations and a smooth finish compatible with frequent skin contact. Discover our local hardwood floors.

Bespoke tables

A custom-made table in solid wood brings a piece of the Sonian Forest into your home. Our cooperative manages all steps from tree to table to bring you exactly the table you want: local, sustainable and beautiful. Get in touch to book your table now.