Walk on a piece of the Sonian Forest, in your home.

Parquet de Soignes

Parquet de Soignes at a glance


  • Wood flooring produced in a limited edition of 700m2, exclusively sold in Brussels
  • Made from beech wood harvested entirely in the Sonian Forest
  • High-quality wood flooring in accordance with European and Belgian norms
  • Manufactured locally


  • Parquet en bois, édition limitée de 700 m2 exclusivement commercialisée sur Bruxelles
  • Fabriqué avec notre de bois de hêtre d’une provenance exclusive de la Forêt de Soignes
  • Un revêtement de sol de qualité qui répond aux normes européennes et belges
  • Fabrication en circuit-court


  • Gelimiteerde editie van 700 m2 parquetvloer, exclusieve verkoop in Brussel
  • Gemaakt met ons beukenhout exclusief uit het Zoniënwoud
  • Een kwaliteitsvloerbedekking die voldoet aan de Europese en Belgische normen
  • Korte keten fabricatie


You can choose between two different types of wood flooring:

  • Our Parquet de Soignes in solid wood is made from quarter sawn beech trees and can be placed on different types of flat surfaces that are not heated from below.
  • The version of Parquet de Soignes in semi-solid wood features a top layer of 4 mm of solid beech wood and a bottom layer of plywood. The semi-solid flooring can also be installed in rooms with underground heating systems. All flooring comes with tongue-and-grooves to facilitate assembly and re-enforce the stability of the product.
Solid wood / Bois massifSemi-solid wood / Bois semi-massif
Type of installationGlued or nailedGlued or nailed
Type of surface below parquetConcrete, wooden planks or beams Concrete floor with underground heating, wooden planks or beams
DimensionsThickness = 14 mm
Width = 75 mm
Length = 1050 mm
Thickness = 13 mm
Width = 75 mm
Length = 1050 mm
FeaturesTongue and grooveTongue and groove
Price (incl. VAT)€ 55,00 per m2€ 65,00 per m2