High-quality hardwood flooring

Hardwood flooring is making a comeback. Turning away from the throw-away culture associated with petrol-based flooring and wood imitations, solid wood flooring brings a long-lasting part of the forest into homes, schools and offices.

The Sonian Forest is a formidable source of beech flooring. The wood produced by this forest is the fruit of centuries of hard work. The amazing intrinsic qualities of local beech wood include beautiful color variations and a smooth finish compatible with frequent skin contact.

Limited availability

Our hardwood flooring is exclusively sourced locally. Given the limited size and capacity of the Sonian Forest, the scale of our production is also limited. Every year, we buy available wood form the local forest management authorities. Some of the wood is then transformed into parquet. Our relatively small scale allows us to have close relationships with local partners and ensure high quality standards. But since stocks are limited, be sure to order early in your building project to make sure we reserve your flooring and have it available on time for your project.

Heritage and sustainability

Our parquet is entirely produced in Belgium to exceptional environmental standards. Chosing for local hardwood flooring ensures minimal environmental impact. The management of the Sonian Forest is FSC certified. Moreover, our flooring is certified by Fedustria’s Circular Hotel Interior label for its contribution to eco-conception, lifespan expansion and waste diminution (n°CHI/001).

How to order

You can order through different channels. Just pick the one that is most convenient for you – the product and the price will be the same everywhere. We work with local distribution partners that we selected for their complementary expertise and services. Here are the options at your disposal:

Sonian Wood CoopRotor DCNatura Mater
AddressRue Heyvaertstraat 140
1080 Brussels
Avenue de Bâle / Bazellaan 3 
1140 Brussels 
Chaussée de Wavre 1517
1160 Brussels
Opening hoursWednesday
Monday to Friday   
9:00-13:00 / 14:00-18:00
On appointment
Contactsales@sonianwood.coop+32 465 896 641
Online shopOrder hereOrder hereOrder here
Available StockBeech wood and other batchesBeech woodOn order only
Why?The Sonian Wood Coop has the mission to make the best use of locally available wood from the Sonian Forest. The cooperative has a stock of hardwood flooring and can produce larger batches on demand. They organise and control all steps of the production, from the acquisition of trees over milling and drilling to the profiling and shipping of local hardwood flooring.RotorDC is a treasure trove of reclaimed and salvaged materials and objects. They have our flooring in stock so you can just go and pick up what you need. RotorDC can also provide samples and their friendly sales staff will help you making the right choice. The showroom is also open on Saturdays. While you’re there, make sure to visit the amazing shop to source reclaimed design items . Natura Mater is a one-stop shop for advice on sustainable building materials. They help you to chose the best products and to source them from the best suppliers. They offer valuable advise on how to use hardwood flooring along with other sustainable materials. While you’re there, take advantage of their expertise and discuss with them all your material choices.