Heritage and quality

Hardwood flooring is making a comeback. Turning away from the throw-away culture associated with petrol-based flooring and wood imitations, solid wood flooring brings a long-lasting part of the forest into homes, schools and offices.

The Sonian Forest is a formidable source of beech flooring. The wood produced by this forest is the fruit of centuries of hard work. The amazing intrinsic qualities of local beech wood include beautiful color variations and a smooth finish compatible with frequent skin contact.

Our parquet is entirely produced in Belgium to very high quality standards. We only work with the best craftspeople and distribution partners.

How to order

You can purchase our parquet through Rotor Deconstruction. Rotor can reached by email, or phone (office hours only) for all questions related to products, pricing and availability.      

Rotor Deconstruction

Avenue de Bâle 3 

1140 Evere

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Photos: Amber Vanbossel