Book your table for Saint Valentine!

Looking for a special gift for Saint Valentine?

How about a unique table, handmade in Brussels from local trees? Book your table now and enjoy our special offers for lovers:

  • Up to 25% discount on regular prices for custom-built tables: starting from
    € 950,00 (incl. tax).
  • Have your initials carved on the table top to show your love for all to see.
  • Reserve your table until February 14 and it will be ready within 4 weeks.

How does it work?

It’s easy to book your table with us. You can chose between ordering online via our intake form or selecting your table from our stock of slabs in our workshop:

  • Go here to book your table online.
  • Or visit our workshop on Wednesday 9/2 or Monday 14/2 between 9:30 and 18:00 to select your table. Our workshop is in the Circularium, Rue Heyvaert 140 in 1080 Brussels.

What happens on Saint-Valentine’s day?

All lovers that come to select their new table on 14/2 will receive a special welcome gift. You don’t have to let us know in advance, just come around on Saint-Valentine and we will be there for you. Our workshop is in the Circularium, Rue Heyvaert 140 in 1080 Brussels.

What kind of tables do you make?

All our tables are built with solid wood, sustainably harvested from the Sonian Forest. We create tables according to your measures: from small (1m) to very large (5m+).

We propose a range of simple designs with solid beech table tops and metal legs from which you can chose.

And our initials will be in the wood?

Since time immemorial, beech trees have been sought out by lovers to carve in their initials. The smooth bark of the beech tree makes it easy to create a mark that often lasts for decades, if not centuries.

But you should never carve into a living tree! The carving creates a wound that can affect the health of the tree. Book your table before Saint Valentine and we will carve your own special message into a unique table of your choice.

So come with a little sketch of what you want us to carve into the table top!