1st LOCAL WOOD Summit

1st LOCAL WOOD Summit ? Fri. 20th – Sat. 21st of November 2020 ? Online event Join the trailblazers of the local wood movements (AMS, BXL, AN) for what will be the first ever LOCAL WOOD summit organized in Europe! Let’s build a LOCAL WOOD network around sustainable carpentry, novel forest management, local wood networks, … Read more

Wood in the sawmill

Wood in the sawmill EN Converting trees into usable timber is a long process demanding know-how, equipment…and above all patience. We are fortunate to work with two Belgian sawmills mastering the conversion of broadleaf wood into planks and boards. We also benefit from their skills for drying the wood in the best possible way. FR … Read more

Coop now officially registered

Coop now officially registered EN It was an unusual launch party on May 1 when members of the Urban Ecology Centre Brussels, Walden Project and Osmos celebrated the official launch of the Sonian Wood Coop. on-line. A first milestone has been reached: the cooperative is now up and running. We are especially proud that our … Read more

CIVA Talk + Exhibition cancelled

CIVA Talk + Exhibition cancelled EN The 30th of March was supposed to be a very special day for the Sonian Wood Coop. We were hoping to have our first public talk with an award-winning architect and a forest manager at the CIVA. On the same day, we were also planning to have an exhibition … Read more

The first trees that we will keep local !

The first trees that we will keep local ! Today, we are very pleased to tell you that the Sonian Wood Coop is one step further. The 25 m³ of beech wood that we have bought will not be going to Asia! Aujourd’hui, nous sommes très heureux de vous dire que la Sonian Wood Coop … Read more

Bring in the experts

Bring in the experts EN Towards the end of the month of February we were able to meet with experts Michel Bauwens, Laura Vanhué, Thomas Deridder and Thomas Derwal to discuss the legal and organisational aspects of  the cooperative. A big thank you to all of you for your support! FR Vers la fin du … Read more

A unique hardwood sawmill

A unique hardwood sawmill EN Scidus is a sawmill on a site of 15 ha. The company has 20 years of experience working with local beech wood, but also invested in modern technology and innovative processes to be able to create new uses of wood in construction projects and furniture making. The Sonian Wood Coop. … Read more

A successful crowdfunding

A successful crowdfunding EN Our first challenge starts in november 2019 with a crowdfunding campaign to raise € 15 000 to buy a first batch of wood in the Sonian Forest. This mission was accomplished with more than 270 donors giving € 26 980. During that time we showed wooden products at 4 different sustainable … Read more

What happens to trees from the Duden Park?

What happens to the trees from the Duden Park? EN The Duden Park is a vestige of the Sonian Forest and hosts many beech trees older than two hundred years. Because of the extreme temperatures of the two previous summers, many of the older trees are perishing and thus threatening the safety in the park. … Read more

Our story shared more than 3.700 times on RTBF

Our story, more than 3 700 times shared on RTBF EN The RTBF speaks about the Sonian Wood Coop., and the article which also includes the video is shared more than 3 700 times online. Read the article and watch the video here. Here are some excerpts: The Sonian Forest produces around 20 000 m³ … Read more